Wait times down for recreational marijuana across Denver

On the third day of recreational pot, though wait times are down for some stores, people are still queuing to get weed across Denver.

“Muppet,” a customer service member at The Healing House in South Denver, said lines were 10-15 minutes long.

“Everybody’s really nice,” he said.

Customers can expect better luck earlier in the day. Lines at Medicine Man in North Denver, which were up to three hours long on January 1st, dwindled to 15 minutes during the morning lull, and were around 30 minutes in the afternoon. They expect an uptick in wait times later this afternoon, from half an hour to an hour.

At Evergreen Apothecary, however, the wait time has stayed steady around two to three hours.

“People are showing up in droves,” said Tim Cullen, co-owner of Evergreen Apothecary. According to Cullen, he has 10 staff working the lines, and they’re averaging a transaction every 90 seconds.

“Everyone’s totally jazzed,” he said.