Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso is Internet Japanese

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ouse Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso, like most of his fellow lawmakers, has his own website, except his is in Japanese and it peddles payday loans. That’s a screen-shot above of briandelgrosso.com, the web address listed for the Loveland Republican at the Colorado House GOP website.

It’s weird. But it’s not Anthony Wiener weird! In fact, it’s oddly appropriate. DelGrosso is now the head of the party in the House that in 2011 went to the mat to defend the payday loan industry’s right to astronomically gouge Coloradans in down-and-out neighborhoods and in strip malls just outside military bases, where hard-pressed spouses of soldiers fighting overseas routinely fell into financial black holes.

Don’t want to wade through Japanese when you’re asking the Minority Leader for a loan? Just hit the translate button:

[blockquote]If you need money
It is also useful if you are troubled blog to cash a credit card is here! Now, it is recommended even if I take cash, so enter the hand as soon as if I use the method of this place even when that hand … no. It can also be used when there is no hand reviews of cash card I found a! I’ll tell at a glance or do I use any trader in the case of emergency this. It is recommended even if I take it![/blockquote]

As they say in Japan, Rep. Brian DelGrosso is a troubled blog.

Update: Some readers have noted that the address “briandelgrosso.com” is not listed on the House GOP website and have speculated that this post is a “hoax.” Fact is, the House GOP office simply took down the address, which is a practical response. Here’s a captured page as from the internet archive and here’s a screen shot:

delgrosso archive shot