Wiretap: Remnick on the Obama second term

We’ll begin with some long-form journalism. OK, it’s actually long-long-long-long-form journalism, 17,000 words by New Yorker editor David Remnick on Barack Obama as he enters the sixth year of his presidency. You’ve probably seen some of the headlines — on pot and Iran and Lincoln and history as a river, in which Obama spent much of 2013 navigating the rapids. But when you get the time, if you’re interested, you should read the whole thing.

Remnick, who wrote a book on Obama, now writes a near-book on what Obama hopes for in his second term. Via the New Yorker.

Or, if you’re a Broncos fan – and like, who isn’t at this point? – you can see how Peyton Manning’s body language after the first drive told the whole tale. Also via the New Yorker.

ICYMI: Obamacare won. Josh Marshall.

Benghazi was preventable. And so was the GOP jihad on Benghazi. Via David Ignatius and the Washington Post.

The cruelty in turning Marlise Munoz into an incubator. Via Frank Bruni in the New York Times.

On MLK Day, the Atlantic goes to its archives to retell the story of 6-year-old Ruby Bridges integrating a New Orleans school.

The famous Norman Rockwell painting of Ruby that ran in Life magazine.

[ Photo by Patrick Gage Kelley ]

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