Wiretap: We all already live in Hillary-land, or not

Political guru Larry Sabato makes the case — a convincing one, too — that despite what everyone may think or say, Hillary Clinton isn’t a sure thing to run away with the Democratic nomination in 2016. Because history shows that it almost never happens that way. And Sabato says that two people who are well aware of this possibility are the two who care the most about it — Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

It’s hard to see a likely rival for Hillary Clinton in 2016. But Sabato says one will emerge from somewhere. Via Politico.

And the latest Christie crisis comes via Hoboken, where it’s Sandy-gate. Via the New Yorker.

Then: In 2007 and 2008, the country’s banking-financial industry ran one of the biggest gambling parlors in history, selling and betting on and against U.S. mortgages bundled for sale on the global market. In the end, American taxpayers were forced to bail out the banks, the gargantuan financial and property losses still not fully calculated. The housing market was left in shambles, a crumpled mess of evictions, foreclosures, lost savings and boarded up cities and towns. The worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s ensued. The majority of the rough 8 million jobs lost due to the crisis have yet to be regained.

Now: Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton is touring southwest Colorado, according to the Durango Herald, “meeting with community representatives from the banking, real estate and title insurance industries about the impact of regulations and pending legislation on their ability to create jobs.” Did you get that? The Tipton angle is that regulation of the financial and real estate industry, which have never been less regulated in modern history, is the thing about the industry that threatens employment.

RedState is gunning for Wendy Davis, the high-profile Texas Democrat running for governor. She said she got divorced at 19. She was 21. She said her parents divorced when she was 11. She was 12. She said her mother received no child support. The court ordered child support, which may or may not have been paid. Does even RedState believe anyone likely to vote for Wendy Davis is going to care about this list of alleged transgressions?

How conservatives hijacked color-blindness. Via Ian Haney-Lopez in Salon.

Richard Sherman says he’s not a thug. Via MMQB.

Finally, it looks like the pigs are getting a break. Before they get slaughtered. Via the New York Times.

[ Image: A Ginny Stanford portrait photographed by Adam Fagen. ]

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