Wiretap: The Christie-Sherman big men soundbites quiz

The Newark Star Ledger has the best Super Bowl-politics quiz of the year. Or maybe of any year. It’s a who-said-it quiz: Chris Christie or Roger Sherman. Let’s just say it’s much harder than getting a pass past Sherman in the end zone.

Take the quiz and let us know how many you get right. Via NJ.com

Snowden talks to Jane Mayer at the New Yorker and says the Russian spy story is “absurd.”

The Berthoud Police are something out of a bad Sylvester Stallone movie. The Coloradoan:
“The department bought fully automatic military-grade machine guns, hired officers who showed ‘glaring’ signs of illegal and inappropriate behavior and then gave them ‘woefully inadequate’ training, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith says… The department came under fire for child-abuse allegations leveled against one of its officers. That officer was arrested, and Police Chief Glenn Johnson resigned amid allegations he knew about the accusations against his officer but did nothing.”

CU Boulder employees have been instructed by the CU legal office to say nothing to anyone about Patti Adler, the sociology professor told last year to halt her popular course on deviance, which includes a skit on prostitution, because the university feared it might bring harassment charges. Via the Daily Camera.

Republicans have discovered poor people. Is this a comeback for Bush’s compassionate conservatism? Via Los Angeles Times.

Highlights of the McDonnell indictment: Oscar, Vuitton, Ferrari, oh my. Via Washington Post.

Sean Hannity is threatening to leave New York. He apparently thinks New York cares. Via New York magazine.

The decline of the American book lover. Will the children save us? Via The Atlantic.