Wiretap: The strange State of the Union

The state of the union is … strange. As the New York Times puts it, the economy has never been better in Barack Obama’s two terms, and yet Obama’s approval ratings for his handling of the economy have rarely been lower. Tonight’s speech won’t change that. But it is the economy, of course, that will be the centerpiece of the speech. Obama will talk about economic inequality and social mobility and the need to fix both to make the economy grow faster still.

Can Obama find a way to get some credit tonight for an improving economy? Via New York Times.

Obama’s ratings are low, but president can set the terms for post-Obama era, says E.J. Dionne.

Ron Fournier says Obama’s problem may be Obama himself. Via National Journal.

Colorado’s “Amazon tax” — an attempt to even the playing field for brick-and-mortar retailers — is back in court. Via Durango Herald.

No suspect yet in a Sunday night fatal shooting in Pueblo. And in Palisades, Kent Black was just another “good guy with a gun” until he got drunk and fought with his wife and shot at her. It’s just an allegation at this pint, but it’s a story that plays out almost every single day in the United States. GJ Sentinel.

More discussion at the capitol on acquiring and running a fleet of retrofitted federal government airplanes to fight colorado wildfires. Is it the best most efficient plan to battle fires?

Is this the future of journalism? Pierre Omidyar makes a vimeo to discuss his new project.

Where have all the flowers gone? Pete Seeger dies at 94. Via New York Times.

[ Ohio barn via Barack Obama ]


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