Wiretap: The President played small ball

Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech got mostly good reviews. But it was a modest speech, with a modest agenda. And the talk of Obama using executive privilege was way overblown. Still, it’s way too early to tell whether it might serve to jump-start Obama’s presidency. But when Obama told the story of Cory Remsburg, everything in the room changed.

The meaning of Cory Remsburg, via the New Yorker.

Howard Fineman says Obama adroitly played small ball in his speech. Via Huffington Post.

At the National Journal, Ron Fournier says Obama did the best he could in his diminished presidency.

Five takeaways from Obama’s speech. Via Chris Cillizza.

E.J. Dionne says America owes Pete Seeger a huge debt. Via the Washington Post.

[ Image by Albina Littles. ]


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