Udall tied, Hillary down; Colorado Dems smash into swing-state pendulum

If the polling news was good for John Hickenlooper Wednesday, it’s bad a day later for Mark Udall and even worse for Hillary Clinton. It’s pretty clear that the latest Quinnipiac polls shows that the pendulum in swing-state Colorado is swinging away from Democrats for the moment.

Although Udall gets a 45-41 approval rating, he leads Ken Buck by only three points, 45-42, which, in poll talk, is a virtual tie. Worse for Udall, and not so good for Buck either, Udall leads little known Randy Baumgardner and Amy Stephens by only two points. Owen Hill trails by five.

But this is not all about Udall. It’s about Democrats. Hillary Clinton, who leads Republicans in most national polls, trails Paul Ryan 48-43 and Rand Paul 47-43 in Colorado in a 2016 preview. Clinton has slight leads over Chris Christie and Ted Cruz.

A 2016 poll means little. And Udall is not trailing in his November race. But, if you’re looking for a snapshot, the Dems are looking more than a little blurry. It’s interesting that Hickenlooper’s numbers are so much better, but it may be as simple as the notion that he’s not running in a national race.

Here are Hickenlooper’s numbers from Wednesday.


  1. Gee Mike, do you think Dems might be getting a little disillusioned with busting butt to get candidates, especially Presidents, elected and then having them go to Washington and act more like Republicans?

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