Wiretap: Dropping dud jobs and bunk insurance is… a bad thing?

The debate continues on whether the CBO report on Obamacare says that it’s a job killer. Now nearly everyone agrees it doesn’t say that at all — but that 2 million will leave their jobs because they’re no longer trapped there by health insurance concerns. So the question now is: Does that make it just as bad?

E.J. Dionne intelligently asks the one essential question on Obamacare: Must the debate be stupid? (You know the answer.)

Colorado Congressman Doug “most conservative” Lamborn is rarely bothered by complexity and he sees the message of the CBO report with clear eyes: “We have learned that this disastrous piece of legislation will likely drive over two million people from the labor force by the end of the decade… It is time to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered reforms that actually help the American people and our economy.”

Paul Ryan — yes, that Paul Ryan — plays fact-checker on CBO report. It’s not about layoffs. Via Talking Points Memo.

In the latest conservative criticism: The National Review‘s Cooke says the report shows Obamacare’s attack on the American work ethic. It’s not a job killer, he concedes. It just makes us lazy.

Follow the money that follows the Koch brothers money. Inside the political empire, via the Washington Post.

Here’s one take on Glenn Greenwald, the lawyer/activist/journalist who helped give the world Edward Snowden: He’s a thief. So says Congressman Mike Rodgers. Via the Guardian.

After 22 years, Jay Leno goes out on top. It’s just that hardly anyone seems to care. Via New York Times.

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