Fladen File: Moms, Pets, Coulters, Palins. PLUS Fracking/GOP Immigration Denialism Updates

Update: 2/14/2014 – Al Gore and Tom Tancredo might be ready to start a beautiful friendship….

Also, what is going on with Twitter in Venezuela????

Waiting on immigration is less about cold calculation for the GOP and more about denialism

Update: 2/12/2014 – Fracking.  I’m in Ohio visiting family in my hometown of Canton.  A dying city/town where little happened in non-Presidential election years except during Football Hall of Fame week….until recently.  Because this trip I was surprised to find out that Fracking had come to the area, and with it, economic development. I took a few pictures driving around town of hotel construction/expansion that has sprouted up. I counted at least four in a 1/4 mile area:

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Say what you will  about fracking, but being back home, there is no denying the sudden economic energy that has come to the area due to it.

Started scouring the web a few days late as I am with my family in Ohio, but here is a good heart-warming story to start with.

Ann Coulter gets skewered for ignorance of economics by Forbes.

Colorado Springs bans pot in City facilities.

While many go hungry, the First Pets of France and the U.S. are not among them:



As for a funny image of the day, this one takes the cake: