Wiretap: A million more on the Obamacare rolls

The Obamcare exchanges finally hit their number in January. The percentage of young people signing up is showing signs of rising. What does it all mean? It means that people will continue to argue about what it all means. For Democrats, Obamacare has to work. For Republicans, it has to fail. All arguments have to be seen in that light.

Nearly 1.2 million signed up for Obamacare exchanges in January. Via the Washington Post.

No surprise here: A lot of people don’t like the semi-secret, public-private deal on Highway US 36. And so, a public meeting gets heated. Via 9News.

A ruling by a federal judge saying Kentucky must recognize gay marriages performed in states where they are legal could lead to same-sex marriage in another red state. Via Louisville Courier-Journal.

“That is shocking!” Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen on Michael Sam:

A promising solar power orb and at last some power from fusion?

If Republican leaders didn’t like Ted Cruz before … Now he forces Republican senators to vote in favor of debt ceiling hike. Sort of. Via the National Journal.

Rand Paul attacks Bill Clinton in order to create a new battlefield in war on women. Can it work? Didn’t Republicans already try that during the Ken Starr/impeachment days? Via the Atlantic.

If you hated House of Cards Season One, you’ll hate Season Two. But if you loved it …. Via Time.

RIP Sid Caesar: The comedian who invented TV comedy — and who influenced just about every other kind. Via New York Times.

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