The other, shorter, better Colo. GOP primary guv debate

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he two frontrunners in the Republican primary field for the governor’s race — former Congressman Tom Tancredo and Secretary of State Scott Gessler — didn’t show up to the debate held last night by the Denver Post. So the Colorado politics Twittersphere hosted a debate that featured alter-ego (mock) versions of the candidates and a mock version of righty radio show host Peter Boyles, who acted as moderator.

In the age of satirical news and the shrinking political soundbite, a Twitter debate featuring arguably more genuine versions of candidates who don’t show up for debates in real life for fear of saying what they think, well that seems a pretty good alternative.

The topics discussed are real. The jokes are insider, and they’re funny. Hey, as Peggy Noonan might say, it’s better than House of Cards.