Wiretap: Contraception still works better than state-ordered medical probe

Abortion rates have fallen, and you’d think this would make the anti-abortion, right-to-life groups happy with the numbers. But, of course, they’re not. That may be because the research suggests that the reduction in abortion has little to do with all the laws passed recently to make abortions harder to get. As Margaret Talbot writers in the New Yorker, much of the decline probably is related to more effective contraception. As Talbot says, “Right-to-lifers could be promoting contraception and touting its success in averting unwanted pregnancies, but that doesn’t seem to be news that they want to hear, let alone spread.”

How much credit does Mike Huckabee’s “Uncle Sugar” get for the decline in abortions?

Ukraine protesters set a ring of fire to try to keep the police at bay on a day in which at least 14 have been killed.

The view from the bloody battles in Kiev. Via the Atlantic.

Jim Crow laws for gays and lesbians? Where exactly in the Bible does it say you can’t make a cake for a gay wedding? Via USA Today.

Ruth Marcus says the stimulus worked economically and failed politically. Via the Washington Post.

Peggy Noonan worries that politicians and other “elites” embracing House of Cards will make people think worse of them. As if that were possible. Maybe the “elites” who aren’t passing unemployment benefits would look even worse. Via the Wall Street Journal.

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