Wiretap: Gazette blasts away at honey badger Gessler

The conservative Colorado Springs Gazette don’t care for Colorado Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who is nicknamed “honey badger” after the ridiculously fearless and/or shameless “gotta have it all” creature made famous by the internet, because “honey badger just don’t care.” Gessler is running for governor and he didn’t show up to debate his primary opponents last night in Denver, because he don’t care. Then his campaign manager ridiculed the candidates who did show up, because he don’t care, either. Enough! said the Gazette.

“A Gessler campaign would resemble the disastrous Dan Maes run of 2010,” the editors wrote in a blistering piece published today. “[The Maes campaign] was a circus of scandal ads questioning the candidate’s character and background. When it finally ended, Maes garnered 11.2 percent of the vote… Any candidate [like Gessler] with two confirmed ethics violations will be crucified in the general election. It’s quiet only because Gessler is the opponent Democrats want. At the very least, his campaign should avoid impugning the legitimacy of fellow Republicans who can win.” Ouch.

We shouldn’t have needed another flashpoint murder trial in Florida to state the obvious: that’s it time for “stand your ground” laws to step aside. E.J. Dionne makes the argument that the laws are a failure in almost every regard. Michael Dunn killed Jordan Davis — as the car pulled away — because, it seems, Dunn was angry that Davis and friends were playing music too loud for his taste. Yet, the law has made it harder to convict Dunn of murder. Even if it wasn’t technically a stand-your-ground case, the law clearly played a role. Via E,J. Dionne and the Washington Post.

When it comes to Obamacare and the contraceptive mandate, will the Supreme Court conservatives follow their own religious-freedom precedents? Via the Atlantic.

Democratic candidates may not Barack Obama around on the campaign trail (see: Udall, Mark), but they need him desperately on the money trail. Obama has pledged to do 18 fundraisers. In 2006, George W. Bush did 80. Via Dana Milbank.

The difference between and observation and an experiment. And how the creationists come close, but still get that wrong. Via the New Yorker.

Another Republican governor and possible presidential candidate has a problem with emails. This time it’s Wisconsin’s Scott Walker who’s being asked what he knew and when he knew it. Via the New York Times.

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