Wiretap: Arizona will likely kill its anti-gay religious freedom bill

If you want to know how the world has changed, you don’t have to look just to Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay athlete in major American sports when he signed with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. You can look to Arizona. Seriously. Yes, the Arizona legislature just passed a major anti-gay law that is supposed to be about “religious freedom” but is really about a way to discriminate against gays. Then came the uproar. Both Republican senators called on Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the bill. Business leaders came out against it. The Super Bowl committee – the Super Bowl is scheduled in Arizona for next year — came out against the bill. Brewer will almost certainly veto the bill. Because she has to. Because the world and Arizona have changed.

In Arizona, an anti-gay bill means an anti-business bill. Via the Daily Beast.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper struggled in conversation on the bill with state Senator Al Melvin, who seemed shockingly to have never even heard a serious critique of the bill before voting for it.

And then there’s Georgia which seems to be headed down the same path. Via Mother Jones.

Conor Friedersdorf in the Atlantic basically agrees, but he says it’s more complicated than that.

Will House Democrats risk a tricky gambit to get House Republicans to vote on immigration – and could it work? Via Politico.

What to do about for-profit colleges? They’re apparently not all bad. Via the New York Times.

If you’re a True Detective fan, critic Emily Nussbaum tells you what’s wrong with the show. Hint: It’s about the women. Via the New Yorker.

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