Wiretap: At least now they’re trying

Cory Gardner’s entrance into the race to take on Mark Udall is a huge political story. According to Chris Cillizza of the Fix blog at the Washington Post, it could change everything. Which is a lot to change.

The Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board says to thank Amy Stephens for selflessly dropping out of the Senate race. It seems like Cory Gardner should be the one thanking her.

Equality and dignity and honor and service. Oh, and the 14th Amendment. Why the federal judge struck down Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage. The rulings keep coming, that the bans are unconstitutional. It can’t be too long before the Supreme Court has to take up the case and finally make a ruling. A same-sex couple wanted their Massachusetts marriage legitimized in Texas. The judge ruled that the ban “demean(ed) their dignity for no legitimate reason.” Via Amy Davidson in the New Yorker.

How Jan Brewer came to veto the anti-gay, “religious freedom” bill. In the end, she really had no choice. Via the New York Times.

E.J. Dionne makes the case that the people who would be really hurt by the “religious freedom” bill are religious people. Via the Washington Post.

What the just-released Fed archives reveal: That the Fed nearly let the financial world — and the rest of the world, too – blow up in 2008. Via the Atlantic.

Tax reform is finally here, thanks to a sweeping plan put forth by the GOP’s House Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp. There’s only one problem, it will never come up for a vote. Because although Republicans claim to like tax reform, they don’t. Not really. Via CNN.

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