Wiretap: The continuing Tea Party-Republican uncivil war

It was five years ago that the Tea Party was born. There were arguments at the time about the relationship between the Tea Party and the Republican Party. After all the ugly primaries and the showdown votes in the House, you’d have to say the argument continues today. As ABC News puts it, it’s an unhappy birthday.

When the Tea Partiers have their own Super PACs, used to challenge establishment Republicans, not everyone is going to be happy.

Molly Ball writes in the Atlantic that the Cory Gardner nomination should scare Democrats because it shows that Republicans have their act together.

There’s at least one person who thinks Joe Biden should be running for president. Yes, it’s Joe Biden. You must read this great profile of Biden in Politico by Glenn Thrush. It starts this way:

“The only thing I know is I ain’t changing my brand. I know what I believe. I’m confident in what I know. And I’m gonna say it. And if folks like it, wonderful. If they don’t like it, I understand.”

The question with Ukraine really comes down to one thing: What is Putin up to? Via the New York Times.

How to fight the minimum wage war: Hey, Washington, the pay is too damn low. If the minimum wage is raised, it will help workers, the economy and, yes, the Democrats.  Via Rolling Stone.

Orval Faubus, the Little Rock Nine, “public safety,” the bible and “Religious Liberty” laws. Via Ron Fournier and the National Journal.