New polling is out and it says exactly what you’d think

Let’s go straight to the latest PPP polling of Colorado to see:

— Obama unpopular (43-53).

— Obamacare even more unpopular (39-51).

— Therefore Mark Udall barely above water (41-40 approval).

— Therefore Senate race with Cory Gardner statistical tie (Udall 42, Gardner 40).

— In other news, Hickenlooper doesn’t have to worry about Obamacare (48-41 approval).

— Therefore he doesn’t have to worry much about Republican field (leads all contenders by double digits; Bob Beauprez closest at 48-38).

— Which can’t find a leader (Tancredo 24, Beauprez 20, Gessler 18, Kopp 8, Brophy 7).

And bonus coverage: Those who say they have used pot since the new law also say they voted for Obama 81/12. That’s among those who can remember voting.

More bonus coverage: Republicans leading in generic legislative race.


  1. PPP is trying to tack to the center,perhaps tiring of constant criticism that it “leans left”.

    This poll over-samples white voters, and under-samples Latino voters. Only 14% of those polled here identified as Latino, vs. the 21% Latino population identified in the 2012 census. (

    The astounding support for Chris Christie vs. Hillary Clinton is more understandable when one notices that the date (Dec 3,2013) of the PPP poll predates Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal hitting the news.

    So this PPP poll can be more easily understood as “What white voters in Colorado thought about 2016 before they heard about Bridgegate.”

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