The personhood virus now infects 6th CD race

The personhood virus, now threatening to infect the entire state, has moved quickly to the 6th CD race between Mike Coffman and Andrew Romanoff. In light of the Cory Gardner reveal that he has switched sides on personhood, Romanoff has asked Coffman, a past supporter of personhood, to come clean. Has he changed his mind, too?

Well, what do you think?

The personhood amendment hasn’t changed, but if you’re Coffman, in a redrawn district, or Gardner, running statewide, the audience has changed. And so, it seems, has the answer. Coffman, like Gardner, now half-throatedly opposes personhood.

But that personhood virus, it’s a nasty one. Just see what it has done to Coffman campaign manager Tyler Sandberg, who’s calling Romanoff the “Czar of Sleaze,” which came from the Bennet campaign of a few years back and suggests, if nothing else, a high level of knowledge about Russian imperial rule.

In any case, here’s what Sandberg told the Denver Post:

“The voters have spoken twice, and the question is settled. The initiative is overbroad and full of unintended consequences, sort of like Obamacare, which let’s be honest, all of this personhood sleaze from Romanoff is meant to be a distraction from.”

Any day a Democrat doesn’t have to talk about Obamacare is a good one. But this is not a distraction. This “personhood sleaze,” as Sandberg would have it, is a Republican problem and a big one.

And if the personhood initative is “overbroad” and if it’s “full of unintended consquences,” why, it seems fair to ask, did Coffman and Gardner support it before? If it was that bad an amendment — and it’s actually worse than that — you’d think that Republican politicians would have seen all the problems years ago.

And that maybe they’d have possibly seen the light prior to the heat of an election campaign, where viruses, we know, find a friendly environment in which to grow.

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