Internet trail bolsters white supremacist allegations dogging Colorado House Candidate Nate Marshall

Yesterday, Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post raised the possibility that Colorado House candidate Nate Marshall is involved with White Supremacism.  On March 5, 2014, Nate Marshall filed his Candidate Affidavit to run for the Jefferson County seat, HD-23.  That Affidavit lists his Email Address as NATEMARSHALL303@GMAIL.COM and his webpage as WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/NATEMARSHALLPOLITICS .

Searching for takes us to this linked post from March 22, 2013 on the white supremacist Stormfront Webpage by user “NateTheWatcher” telling Stormfront users that he is “putting together an event to unite groups in Colorado as well as everywhere on June 15-16. We will have a rally, a general session and breakout sessions to plan several actions involving the political and activism fronts.”  For contact information, NateTheWatcher tells people to contact him via: and .  If that information looks familiar, there is a reason for it – it is the same information that Nate Marshall, candidate for HD-23, listed in his candidate affidavit.  On this basis, it appears that Stormfront user NateTheWatcher is HD-23 Candidate Nate Marshall.

NateTheWatcher (again, very possibly Nate Marshall) has another post on Stormfront dated June 13, 2013, that popped up from a simple websearch for the website listed on Nate Marshall’s candidate affidavit.  This post, titled “The Aryan Revolution.. 40 hours to go!” states:

[blockquote]”The Aryan Revolution begins in just over 40 hours. It is time to rise up and defend our race, heritage, and existence!
      I thank and congratulate those of you who have in the past and now and in the future have made the courageous decisions to risk everything for your race.. a one for all and all for one mentality!
      We will need to continue to fight hard.. the enemy has wounded us in the past and will again.. but even if we lose some battles we will win the war! MAKE NO MISTAKE WE WILL TRIUMPH!
      There can be no doubt to our resolve.. our determination and our total and complete victory! Future generations will treat us as founding fathers of a greater world where once again freedom, equality and justice will prevail for our race! The wrongs of the past will be righted and our race will stand united against our enemies including ideology, parasites and the unwashed, unkept, unethical and pathetic jews!
      Join us… give us your time, dedication and what you can sacrifice and we will bring you every dream possible as reality!
      Thank you again![/blockquote]

Along these lines, it appears Nate Marshall has had two twitter feeds: NateMarshall303 and Nateology.  A quick perusal reveals some disturbing things posted in those feeds such as “NO MUSLIM IS A MAN… IN HOC SIGNO VINCES”  “ISLAM IS A CULT OF DEATH AND TYRANNY” and Execution Not Amnesty.

This story is developing.

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