Beauprez feared Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated White House

Colorado Republican candidate for governor Bob Beauprez, a successful land developer, banker and former member of Congress, drew a question on the stump this week about what he would do to “stop the implementation of Sharia law here in Colorado.”

The question came at a meetup in conservative Weld County. A primary voter was concerned about “creeping Sharia,” as talk-radio puts it, and informed fellow audience members that Muslim “martial law is being implemented in Afghanistan and Iraq and now in some of the states here in the United States.” Politics blog Colorado Pols has posted the audio.

The exchange became a story because it’s primary season and, instead of stopping the show in its tracks and setting the record straight, Beauprez took the concern seriously and complimented the questioner. “You’re on a very good point. It is creeping in. It’s creeping in not only in Colorado, but all across America,” he said.

This isn’t the first time sympathetic Beauprez has fallen victim to anti-Muslim “infiltration” theories.

Last January, he wrote a 1,500-word column for Townhall entitled “Muslim Brotherhood in the White House,” in which he embraced and promoted reports citing vague sources who implied that the Obama administration had been infiltrated by “six American Islamist activist… Muslim Brotherhood operatives.” There is a lot of block quoting in the piece and talk of terrorism and Hamas and power grabs. In short, there is the general whiff of political fever swamp about the entire column. (It was recommended on Facebook 771 times.) It comes off as not the kind of thing the head of a purple state would be expected to author, at least not under his or her own name.

Beauprez concluded the piece by telling his readers that Egypt is “being transformed into a theocratic Islamic fascist country” and that “with the U.S.-Brotherhood relationship in Egypt as the obvious example, Islamists in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan – and, yes, even in the United States – can only be encouraged by the thought of a second term for Barack Obama.”

Beauprez assured his Weld County listeners that as governor he’d take the Sharia threat seriously and “fight back against” the “intended destruction of us as individuals and of Western civilization.”

He didn’t say how that commitment would translate into state policy initiatives.


  1. Need much more proof just how far to the whacko side of things the right has gone? And if they don’t believe what they are saying, then they are the most cynical people I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Either way, I think this shows that this is NOT the type of person we need anywhere NEAR government in this state. Is it really THAT much to ask that our officials show SOME level of SANITY for a change? The republican party is so far to the right they have slid off the edge of reality. It’s time to head back towards something that resembles rational thought. PLEASE????

  2. Terminology is everything. If we are afraid that half a dozen of american citizens who practice a religion different than the majority and we can attach the label muslim brotherhood to scare off the voters, than we must be living in a fragile country. These racist candidate Dont realized that they represent the zealots of this society. That what I call them because they pretend that they protect the constitution at the same time they want to shove their believe on everyone else throat. Of course they can’t address the Jews in this country because of their potential biblical use for the second coming of their savior because unlike the Muslims, they promote love.

  3. If there is any foreign invasion in our government, it would be Jewish. There is certainly an over-repesentation of Jews in Congress and the White House, and many of them actually hold US/Israeli dual-citizenship. Most of the architects of the Iraq war were dual citizens.

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