Wiretap: An ‘unstable psychiatric condition’ at Fort Hood

Fort Hood shooter, specialist Ivan Lopez, who killed three and wounded 16 before killing himself, was being treated for depression and anxiety by a military psychiatrist. He was being evaluated for possible post-traumatic stress disorder after a four-month, non-combat deployment to Iraq in 2011. But according to military officials, there were no indications that Lopez was violent or suicidal. Lt. Gen. Mark A.Milley, the Fort Hood commander, said there were indications of an “unstable psychiatric condition.” But none of that was in Lopez’ record.

A Fort Hood counselor was killed trying to calm the shooter. Via the Washington Post.

If you want to see where the Koch brothers really wield their influence, look to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Among those you’ll find there is our own Republican senatorial candidate, Cory Gardner. Via the Los Angeles Times.

The National Journal says we should not give up on the long-term unemployed and collects five ideas from think tanks to try to solve the problem facing the 3.8 million Americans who have been out of work beyond six months.

On the Christian News Wire, Keith Mason, president of Personhood USA, implores Cory Gardner to “come back before it’s too late.”

Don’t call Rand Paul the frontrunner, writes Amy Walter in the Cook Political Report. He may be leading in some of the polls, but he’s not really ahead.

Letterman announces his retirement — next year. How long before the top 10 countdowns begin? Via the New York Times.

[ Image: “Garrison Change of Command” by III Corps at Fort Hood. ]

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