Wiretap: To their opponents, Bill and Hillary forever sexy

If you miss Frank Rich’s columns on the New York Times op-ed page — and who doesn’t? — he still writes a monthly long-form column for New York magazine. And this month the topic is Hillary Clinton and scandal and how, for the right, when you say Clinton and scandal, it’s still all about sex. Writes Rich: “It apparently hasn’t occurred to these outraged moral arbiters that the projection of sex scandals onto a couple campaigning as beloved national grandparents—Bill Clinton turns 70 in 2016, Hillary 69—will strike many Americans as ludicrous.”

Dana Milbank says Republicans are kissing the women’s vote good-bye. Via the Washington Post.

Two takes on the Mozilla story — on gay rights and anti-anti-gay rights. Brian Buetler asks in the New Republic why conservatives suddenly have changed their minds about companies and beliefs. Ross Douthat writes in the New York Times that pluralism isn’t a one-way street.

Honey Maid addresses gay rights this way: making a commercial of love out of hate. Via the New Yorker.

You want your kid to go to Harvard? How about Standford. Don’t count on it. College applications may be down, but the elite schools are turning away as many as 95 percent of applicants. Via the New York Times.

Archie Comics is killing off …. Archie? Well, not exactly – but sort of. They’re killing off adult Archie to end the “Life With Archie” series, which was a spin-off into Archie’s life as a grown-up. Did he ever have to choose between Betty and Veronica? Or did he just stick with Jughead? Via the Washington Post.

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