Wiretap: The face of the Bloomberg movement

Chris Cillizza writes in the Washington Post that Mike Bloomberg is a smart guy and, of course, a very rich guy, but he has no idea how much of the world (see: Colorado) views him. That’s why Bloomberg — who likes the way he looks — doesn’t understand that, although he’s the one putting up the millions, he can’t be the face of the gun-control movement.

Once again, the “honest broker” falls short in trying to reach a settlement in the Middle East. What can you do when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now seen as a moderate conservative? Via the New Yorker.

The only thing worse than prohibition is for states to regulate pot like they do alcohol, says UCLA professor and pot expert Mark Kleiman. He tells Ezra Klein there needs to be a national policy. Via Vox.

How Obama finally evolved on same-sex marriage. He went from pro-gay marriage to undecided to evolving to listening to Joe Biden. Via the New York Times magazine.

The Washington Post celebrated its NSA Pulitzer. But Dana Milbank writes about the counterdemonstration.

Deportations are down 43 percent in the last five years, so how can Obama be the Deporter in Chief? Via the New York Times.

The state of American beer. In all the states. Via the Atlantic.