Udall first candidate to hit the 2014 airwaves

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign will air ads attacking GOP Rep. Cory Gardner on abortion starting this week through May 6.

Titled “Respect,” the ad features a woman talking: “Gardner sponsored a bill to make abortion a felony, including in cases of rape and incest. Gardner even championed an eight-year crusade to outlaw birth control.”

The ad refers to Gardner’s past support of “personhood” amendments that even supporters acknowledged would have outlawed some forms of birth control. A few weeks after entering the Senate race, Gardner withdrew his support from personhood, saying he’d been wrong on the issue though he still opposes abortion. Coloradans overwhelmingly rejected the amendments in 2008 and 2010, and a similar amendment will be on the ballot this year.

UPDATE: Gardner’s campaign responded to the ad in an email, saying the ad is “based on dishonesty and misinformation about who Congressman Cory Gardner is.”

A Udall campaign spokesman said the ad buy is $500,000 for the next two weeks.

The campaign bought 77 spots for $52,525 at KMGH Channel 7 on Monday, according to two contracts filed with the Federal Communication Commission. Most of the ads will air during morning and evening news shows.

On Tuesday, KUSA Channel 9 filed a contract for 61 Udall spots at a cost of $61,175.

Udall, a Democrat, faces a tough challenge from Gardner in a year where Republicans are trying to take back the Senate.

Outside groups already are spending more than $2 million in ads in the race.  

The 6th Congressional race between Andrew Romanoff and GOP Rep. Mike Coffman is also expected to be heated. The House Majority PAC reserved ad time for October in the race, contracting with KMGH for 75 spots for $66,595.


  1. I only wonder, when we’ll finally see at least one worthy candidate with brilliant ideas and strong will?! What a silly campaign!

  2. I think we can safely conclude Cory Gardner is not a worthy candidate. His sudden turnabout on the “personhood” issue is indicative of an political opportunist lacking substance or the courage to stand by his convictions.

    That’s who Cory Gardner is in my view and I find him unworthy as a candidate.

  3. I find Cory Gardner’s change in position a mirror image of President Obama’s change in position regarding gay marriage. Politicians are all the same, they waist our money and resources without any real regard for the people. They do not serve anyone but themselves.

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