Wiretap: Corporate leaders just don’t do the right things

Why don’t corporations do the right thing? Christine Bader, who used to work for British Petroleum, wrote a book about it. She says corporate leaders often want to do better, but somehow can’t seem to pull it off. She gives six reasons why. Via the Atlantic.

This is the book that everyone is supposed to read on economics — Capital in the 21st Century — but almost none of us will. (It’s 700 pages long. There are charts.) So, here’s an interview with the author. You can watch it and save yourself a lot of time. Via MSNBC.

And here‘s Paul Krugman’s four-page review at the NYRB.

The Oklahoma supreme court stayed the executions of two murderers Monday night. The stays “end a Kafkaesque legal showdown in which courts argued over jurisdiction even though the prisoners had successfully challenged the legality of the state‚Äôs secrecy in obtaining lethal drugs,” writes the New York Times. The Colorado Independent first reported the story of Oklahoma’s mishandled, likely unconstitutional, search for the lethal-injection drugs it needed for the now-stayed executions.

A look at some of the people who didn’t sign up for health insurance. These stories actually seem to be true. Via New York Times.

Scared of legal pot? Try tobacco. Now, that’s something to worry about. Via Vox.

Everything you wanted to know about Supreme Court retirements — and much, much, much more. Via the Washington Post.

[ Top image: The crumbling, catastrophic Deepwater Horizon corporate-management disaster. ]