Wiretap: Climate change is here; wildfire season around the corner

If you haven’t noticed, climate change has already arrived here, affecting most areas in the United States. A study — released by the Obama administration and conducted by a large panel of scientists — says that dry regions are getting drier, wet regions getting wetter, heat waves becoming more frequent, wildfires covering more ground, insects killing more trees. This has happened, the report said, with a 2-degree rise in temperature over the last century. And the temperature, it said, should continue to rise and the weather should continue to grow more severe. Via the New York Times.

Vox provides nine maps to show how climate change is happening in the United States.

Stanford University divested from coal, because of Stanford students. “Today, the climate movement won a groundbreaking victory. In a striking acknowledgement of the need for a bold and immediate response to climate change, Stanford University is divesting from the coal industry. The Stanford endowment, valued at $18.7 billion, will now become the largest in a growing group of funds to partially divest from fossil fuels.”

Call it the Benghazi Industrial Complex. According to Michael Hirsh, the “pseudo-scandal” is being used to convince Hillary Clinton it won’t be worth it to run in 2016. Via Politico.

Stewart on the continuing Benghazi-ness!


Molly Ball explains how Democrats have pushed Republicans into making bad primary choices — and how Republicans are fighting back. Via the Atlantic.

Joan Walsh writes in Salon that Democrats shouldn’t play along with the latest GOP attempt to pin something on someone – preferably either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Her advice: Dems should boycott the latest committee hearings on Benghazi.

Ruth Marcus writes in the Washington Post that the timing of Monica Lewinsky’s return to the public stage works perfectly for Hillary Clinton. Lewinsky says it’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. Via the Washington Post.

When it comes to public prayer, Supreme Court justices just can’t agree on which side is being rude. Via Amy Davidson at the New Yorker.

Chris Cillizza gets to the bottom of how the Washington Post Election Lab could put Republican chances of winning the Senate at 82 percent.

The American Legislative Exchange Council produces model bills for state lawmakers around the country to introduce that promote corporate interests — “No taking photos at a factory farm” “No taxes on carbon pollution” etc. Quinn Hungeski at The Paragraph has found a model bill to protect citizens from ALEC. Hungeski came across it in the Wisconsin Law Book of 1919:

anti-alec model bill


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