Wiretap: Gender pay gap real, needs addressing

If you don’t think the male-female pay gap is true, then you need to work on your statistical training. The question isn’t whether it exists, but why it exists and what it means. The conversation got louder with the firing of New York Times editor Jill Abramson. But if you want a better understanding of the story, you should go to the paper written by Harvard economist Claudia Goldin, who says that the data prove that the pay gap is based in gender discrimination. Via Time.

Colorado Springs Gazette editorial: The only way for Republicans to solve their Tancredo problem is for Scott Gessler and Mike Kopp to drop out of the race and make it a two-way between Tom Tancredo and Bob Beauprez.

Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana has figured out a Republican way to embrace Obamacare — by doing it the Republican way. Via Dana Milbank at the Washington Post.

The climate-change Chicago rains last year were torrential, the floods horrific — rivers of black foul water running over a slurry of untreated waste disgorged from aged inadequate sewage pipes. The Washington Post nut-graph a year later: “A major insurance company is suing Chicago-area municipal governments saying they knew of the risks posed by climate change and should have been better prepared. The class-action lawsuits raise the question of who is liable for the costs of global warming.”

How to win the millennial vote: Equality, climate change and gay marriage. Can you see the problem now? Via the Atlantic.

Led Zeppelin composed “Stairway to Heaven” in 1970, the song that fired a billion bongs and “launched a million guitar lessons.” By 2008, Conde Nast Portfolio estimated that in royalties and record sales alone, Stairway had earned $562 million. Maybe, like so many other Zeppelin tunes, it was built from another song. In other words, maybe kinda plagiarized? Randy California from the band Spirit wants some credit! Via Bloomberg.

People lie religiously about how often they go to religious services. Does this surprise you? Via the Washington Post.

Frank Bruni says that it’s too late to fall in love with Hillary Clinton, but the Hillary bashers never lose their passion. Via the New York Times.

How did we get so busy and is there anything we can possibly do about it? Washington Post reporter Brigit Schulte and John Keynes explore the problem — making everyone only busier – via the New Yorker.