For Dems, Tom Tancredo is the new Dan Maes

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] GROUP called “Protect Colorado Values” backed by the Democratic Governors Association and Colorado progressive donor organizations has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in broadcast air time in order to run campaign ads meant to spur Republican voters to choose controversial anti-immigration warrior Tom Tancredo as their general election candidate for governor, according to numerous reports, including one run by Fox31.

The ads, already posted on the web, transparently attack Tancredo and his main rival in the GOP primary, Bob Beauprez, in ways meant to play on the sentiments of activist Republican voters. 

Former Congressman Beauprez comes off as a standard bearer for tax-and-spend deficit-balooning business as usual. Small-government so-called liberty voters are meant to reel with distaste.   

Tancredo, on the other hand, is portrayed as much too conservative generally and particularly radical in his opposition to Obamacare. Anyone who has spent any time at all with Republican primary voters knows there is no such thing as being “too conservative” nor too radical in the fight against Obamacare, a law which lands somewhere on a spectrum where horrific government overreach stands on one end, the end of the world stands at the other, and a socialist plot to ruin the U.S. economy squats somewhere in between.

As Fox reporter Eli Stokols points out, progressive political groups took the same tactic in 2010. They ran ads attacking former Congressman Scott McInnis and helped unvetted Tea Party newcomer Dan Maes win the general election nomination. Republicans groaned and Democrats giggled as Maes stumbled his way to an avalanche defeat, mired down by amateur-hour gaffes, conspiracy theories and resume-padding scandals.     

Seeing the writing on the wall, Tancredo tried to ride to the rescue. He ran as a third-party candidate, telling anyone who would listen that Maes was not a serious option, that he would be punching bag for the Democrats and that his stunt-like candidacy all but guaranteed Democrat John Hickenlooper would waltz into office.

There’s no small irony in the fact that Democrats see Tancredo as this year’s Dan Maes.   


  1. Just got in the mail a flyer from the group “Protect Colorado Values” about Tom Tancredo. Thanks PCV for letting me know what Tancredo stands for, I agree with him 100% on all three issues you named. Please take the word “values” out of your group’s name, liberals have no values. See you in November.

  2. I’ll definitely be voting for Tom Tancredo – he’s almost conservative enough for me and he’ll be a big dose of “wake up you pot stoned libtards” for comradrado!!!

  3. “Libtards have no values”. The foregoing commentaries are worthy of Tom Tancredo insiders for those of us who are “pot stoned comradrado’s”.

    “Comradrados”? How imaginative. Sounds like something Tom would dredge up in one of his comedic moments with Caldara.

  4. @Yerworst Knightmare @ryecatcher
    Just a FYI, Tom Tancredo supported and supports the legalization of marijuana. He is a champion of states rights and independents.

  5. I stand in awe of the Tank’s support of the legalization of pot and a champion of states rights. Mr Tancredo has certainly been on record as a “states rights” kind of guy.

    None the less his rabid political formulations concerning the state’s right to usurp the powers of the federal government and the Constitution are the meanderings of a fool which has won him for all intents and purpose a requisite number of foolish supporters who remain a minority.

    Tancredo types have come and gone (mostly gone) throughout our history.
    Those of us with and semblance of rationality are not going to give Mr Tancredo credit for anything other than being a prodigious dolt.

  6. Received one of your anti-Beauprez mailings. I don’t like attack politics, don’t send me these things anymore. I don’t plan on voting for either Tancredo or Beauprez but stop with the attack adds.
    Politics is dirty enough we don’t need groups like yours making it worse.

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