Talk radio: Tancredo calls on governors to ‘confront’ the feds

Tom Tancredo loves to talk. And as time is ticking toward the upcoming June 24th Republican primary election, he’s taking all the free talk radio air time he can get.

On KVOR’s Jeff Crank show June 7, Tancredo promised that, if elected, he would “establish a 10th Amendment Governors Caucus” with surrounding conservative state chief executives to “confront the federal government.”

Confrontation Tancredo style is nothing new. He has been confronting the feds since he was in Congress, pushing to boot undocumented immigrants out of the country. Adding to his confrontation toolbox is his opposition to a Federal Bureau of Land Management’s plan to expand control over public land in Colorado.

“If I were governor and if they attempt that, they’re gonna have to try to enforce it, and they’re going to meet opposition doing so,” he said.

You can listen to Tancredo’s interview on the Jeff Crank Show right here:

Thanks to Jason Salzman and for the clip.