Talk radio: Tancredo wants mandate to teach “American exceptionalism” in schools

Tom Tancredo, who taught civics at Drake Middle School in Arvada for many years, has a special place in his heart for education. This spring, there was some discussion about Tancredo becoming Jefferson County School District’s superintendent, a gig that would have ended his run for governor. He is seen in conservative circles as a champion of education reform, and may well consider moving fully into education in the event that he doesn’t win Tuesday’s GOP primary or, ultimately, the general election. 

While speaking to Peter Boyles on KNUS back in March, Tancredo let it be known that he doesn’t support Common Core, the new national education standards that have been adopted by Colorado — not necessarily because the reform seeks to conform students’ curricula, but because it’s going to conform the students themselves in the wrong way.

“It is important for people to realize that a very important part of Common Core, the thing that they push perhaps more than anything else, and harder than anything else, is the abandonment of a reading curriculum that includes any of the great works of Western civilization,” said Tancredo.

So then, what standards does Tancredo want to see in schools? Civics. Patriotism. And love of country. 

“The standard should be… number one, you should be able to articulate an appreciation for Western civilization, for American exceptionalism, and for the Constitution of the United States. Let’s have that battle. Let me argue that out with the teacher’s union, and they will argue it, that’s for sure.”

Hear it from the man himself, right here:

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