Wiretap: Of course you need a warrant

OK, so you thought the Supremes were bunch of out-of-touch old people who don’t know from smart phones. And maybe you’re right. But they know about cops and smart phones. And they ruled, unanimously no less, that if the cops pull you over and want to search your phone, they need, yes, a warrant. It’s all there in the Fourth Amendment, or would be if the Founders had cell phones. But imagining that they did, it’s pretty certain, as Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, the Founders wouldn’t want anyone looking at their “apps for improving your romantic life.”

How did Thad Cochran, the six-term Republican senator, make his remarkable comeback and win the runoff against his Tea Party challenger: By promising to bring home the bacon. And, Gail Collins writes, it seems Mississippi ate it up. Via the New York Times.

Should we trust scientists? Only if you trust history. Via Vox.

Dana Milbank writes that John Boehner has decided to solve congressional dysfunction by — get this — suing the president. Yes, really. The Congress of no wants to find an activist judiciary to say yes. Via the Washington Post.

The way to solve Hillary Clinton’s problem as the Woman Candidate? Have a woman – or many women – run against her. Via the New Republic.

What does the World Cup mean? In America, it means a full century of soccer anxiety. Via the New Yorker.

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