Wiretap: The sad, ugly interactions of the abortion-clinic buffer zones

Aaron Gouveia writes atTime about his wife’s abortion and your free speech. He recalls the 2010 abortion his wife underwent in a Brookline, Massachusetts, abortion clinic after his 16-week-old unborn baby was given zero chance of coming into the world alive. The fetus, he wrote, had no kidneys, no bladder, no anus, and its legs were fused together. And the day his wife approached the clinic, people were there to yell, “You’re killing your unborn baby.”

In the Atlantic, Emma Green writes about the last person you see before you get an abortion.

In Mexico, they tried an experiment. They gave some poor people food. And they gave other poor people cash. And guess what — the evidence is that the poor who were given the cash made food decisions for themselves that were just as healthy as those the government made for them. And it was much cheaper. Via Vox.

GOP poll, not its policies, get women’s issues right. Via Real Clear Politics.

If you want to understand America today, a Pew poll shows that 80 percent of conservatives think the poor “have it easy.” Really. Via the New Republic.

The U.S. soccer team’s loss to Germany becomes a very un-American triumph. Via the New Yorker.

Howard Baker, one of the last of the great Senate bipartisans, as “the eloquent listener.” Via the National Journal.

Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” and the lost mainstream of America. Via Richard Brody in the New Yorker.

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