Fladen: Stay Classy Drudge Report

So Drudge Report just linked to a story about an 11-year-old boy dying in his attempt to cross the border. Drudge ran the story under this headline:

photo (1)

This is absolutely disgusting. It is akin to having as a headline, in the event that a child prostitute was killed in a car crash, that a “Whore Killed By Car.” That would be universally condemned. So should this headline by the Drudge Report.


  1. Why should this headline be condemned??? How is an illegal comparable to a whore???

    Over reacting just a little bit there…

    Having lived in Southern AZ for over 20 years, having a friend murdered by illegal border crossers, having friends in Border Patrol who never knew if they’d come home at the end of their shift ANd having “Posted: Armed and Dangerous persons can be encountered while hiking in these mountains. Avoid contact with said persons. It was to where only illegals could go hike inb the mountains while us citizens were told NOT to…Sorry but I fail to see what the uproar is… BTW, BOTH sides of my family are from foreign countries. The only difference is they all came legally and didn’t break laws in the process.

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