News Poem: ‘On CNN everything is broken’

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“Over the past month I have worked on this piece as a response to my growing sense of disassociation with recent media, specifically the way in which the 24-hour news cycle has diluted the urgency of issues such as the Malaysian air flight, sectarian violence in Iraq, and the continuing conflict in Syria.” – Emily Cousins

The Colorado Independent‘s News-Stained Poetry Project features poems that are about the news, products of the news, responses to the news. “News stained” is meant as a badge of honor, a reference to the long tradition of the poet as witness. As Carolyn Forché wrote, politics can sometimes be seen as a “contaminant to serious literary work,” something to be avoided. But that way of thinking, she said, “gives the political realm too much and too little scope… It renders the personal too important and not important enough.” News developments, whether or not they are reported, shape our personal lives every day. We don’t often think in the moment about how that is happening and what it means. We should think more about it. Poets think about it. And we want to help encourage them to write more about it.

Please send submissions to tips@www.coloradoindependent.comsubject line “poem,” with a short bio and some mention of where and when the poem was written.

[Image by Luca Rossato]