Wiretap: It’s not just another crisis

It’s not a border crisis. It’s not an immigration crisis. It’s not a crisis caused by the Dreamers’ debate. It’s not a crisis that Congress can fix. So writes Sally Kohn for the Daily Beast. She says it’s a humanitarian crisis, and that nothing will be done until we recognize the problem. As she writes: “Central America is facing unprecedented gang warfare and violence. These criminal gangs especially target young people; if you don’t join, there are violent consequences. A young boy told the Women’s Refugee Commission, “In El Salvador, there is a wrong—it is being young. It is better to be old.” Young people face terrible threats in migrating … but as the Washington Post reports, “that stuff, and worse, was at home.”

Peggy Noonan understands the crisis. She’s just not sure whom to blame, so she sticks with the safe pick — Obama. Via the Wall Street Journal.

Boehner releases his plan to sue Obama — for failing to enforce Obamacare. Will it work? What do you think? Vox explains why you’re right.

You know all about the political divide. Alan Abramowitz runs out the numbers, and the divide is much wider than you think. Via Larry Sabato’s Chrystal Ball.

Pot may be legal here in Colorado. But the marijuana clubs in Barcelona are far hipper. Via the New York Times.

“Maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise.” Rockies owner Dick Monfort goes after another fan. Via Denver CBS4.

Who was snubbed by the Emmys? Hardly anyone. Via the New York Times.

Still haven’t given up hope on that illustrious acting career you planned on having until you didn’t get that lead role in the high school play and realized biology was really more your thing anyway? Now’s your chance to get back in the game: Denver International Airport is looking for 150 volunteers 18 and over to simulate a mass casualty plane crash scenario. Sign up by Aug. 15. Via the Denver Post.

[Immigrant children at Ellis Island, 1892. Photo from U.S. government archives/Sunlight Foundation via Flickr]

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