Immigration: the “Slap in the Face” Argument is based on “Bleeding Heart” Principles.

CONTENTION: The argument that increasing avenues for legal immigration would be a “slap in the face” to those who followed current law is an argument based out of “bleeding heart” principles.

We don’t have our current immigration laws to avoid offending immigrants currently in the immigration process. We purportedly have them to BENEFIT AMERICA. So if it can be demonstrated that changing such laws WOULD BENEFIT AMERICA it does not matter if such a change would “offend” a person who waited in immigration line legally. Because, frankly, to put their “offense” above America’s interest is to engage in a policy dictated by “bleeding heart” considerations.

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  1. We are a nation of laws. These immigrants are breaking laws. We need to stop it. Foreigners who follow laws, enter our country, and contribute to society via skills, desire and a work ethic should be welcomed with open arms. Adding to the welfare ranks of an already bankrupt country makes no sense. Following compassion that we cannot afford will not be good for citizens, immigrants or the rest of the world. Anyone who has compassion and who wants to fund their own moral imperatives with their own resources and time should be applauded. Breaking or not enforcing laws that impact the rest of us, who possess common sense and fiscal responsibility, is foolish.

  2. We are a nation where we choose which laws to enact. The law is not something immutable and carved in stone. It is something we get to mold & shape.

    Refusing to shape laws which benefits the United States solely on the basis that such laws will “offend” some people or be a “slap in the face to those that waited in line” is to engage in bleeding heart logic. The issue isn’t whether such laws are a “slap in the face”. The issue is whether such laws advance our values and interests.

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