Wiretap: A plane down, a region out of control

We don’t know yet who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, causing the death of 298 people, but David Remnick writes in the New Yorker that the early evidence points toward “the curiously well-armed and well-coordinated military outfit loyal to Moscow in eastern Ukraine.” Whoever is guilty, Remnick says, the deaths make ever more clear that the frenzy set in motion in Russia and Ukraine by Vladimir Putin has spiraled out of control. If the Russian-backed separatists are guilty, what can Putin do next?

The tragic trail of debris: fallen bodies, jet parts and a child’s pink book. Via the New York Times.

“We have just shot down a plane.” The haunting audio from the crash scene. Via the Atlantic.

The road to war in Gaza was paved by the West. Via Nathan Thrall in the New York Times.

If you’re worried that Israel might have even done one thing wrong as far as Gaza is concerned, Charles Krauthammer comes along to assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

The Israel-Gaza crisis explained in 11 facts. Via Vox.

This is what the House is proposing for the border crisis: A full-on clash with the Senate. Via the National Journal.

Oops: The bus full of sad migrant children was actually a bus full of not-so-sad YMCA campers. If only the Republican politician hadn’t sent out that Tweet … Via the Blaze.

[Photo by Alan Wilson via Wikipedia.]

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