Chris Christie in Colorado to campaign for Bob Beauprez

DENVER — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a tour of downtown Denver today with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez.  The pair stopped off at two eateries, Capital Grille and Sam’s No. 3, while Christie, also the chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, spoke to issues from reducing taxes to his assurance that Beauprez will be sitting behind the governor’s desk next year.

“I only show up somewhere because I think a race is winnable,” Christie told a crowd of Beauprez supporters in a back room at Sam’s. “This is a top tier race, so those folks outside better get used to seeing me a lot.”

Christie was referring to a small handful of protesters gathered on the sidewalks outside the restaurant with signs critical of both men such as, “Both Ways Bob Beauprez + Corrupt Christie = Good Work CO GOP.”

But inside Christie’s comment drew hearty laughs and those in attendance said they’re thrilled to see Christie on the campaign trail with Beauprez.

“I love [Christie’s] candor,” said Coloradan Becky Brown, who secured a table just feet from where Christie and Beauprez made their appearance. “He’s a strong face for Bob Beauprez and I’m really excited about Bob, who’s authentic, just like Chris Christie.”

After Christie had been whisked away towards Aspen in a black SUV, Beauprez stayed behind to field questions from reporters curious about the strategy behind an appearance with Christie — who has been vocal about Coloradans’ decision to legalize marijuana. Beauprez said no two governors agree on everything and that he’d uphold legalization, with continued emphasis on youth drug-use prevention education.

“What I admire about Chris Christie is what he’s done for his state. He cut taxes by $2.3 billion dollars, created 140,000 jobs in the process and balanced four budgets after inheriting an $11 billion structural deficit,” said Beauprez. “Those are the kinds of mentors and examples I want to follow when I do become governor of Colorado.”


[Photo by Tessa Cheek]