Wiretap: Judge overturns Longmont fracking ban

The Colorado fracking wars continue. A Boulder County judge has overturned Longmont’s fracking ban even as the issue may be headed to the ballot again in November. Judge D.D. Mallard made the ruling, declaring that Longmont’s charter amendment conflicted with the state’s regulations on fracking. Meanwhile, signatures are still being collected for two ballot initiatives that would give local governments greater control in setting rules on fracking. The deadline to turn in the 86,000 signatures needed to put both initiatives on the ballot in Aug. 4. Via Fox 31 Denver.

The Obama administration is considering allowing Hondurans to apply for refugee status without having to make the dangerous trip through Mexico. Via the New York Times.

In Slate, Reihan Salam writes that Paul Ryan’s poverty plan is paternalistic, but also compassionate and smart.

Vox explains Ryan’s plan to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for childless couples.

Why personhood is a big deal in the 2014 election and why Colorado’s race between Cory Gardner and Mark Udall is at the center of it all. (Udall’s campaign is circulating this article.) Via Cosmopolitan.

The deciding factor in the coming election? It’s the same one in all the elections, says Mike Podhorzer, the political director of the AFL-CIO: How well Democrats do among voters making less than $50,000. As of now, they’re not doing too well. Via the Atlantic.

Huddling in the bunker with Ukrainian rebels. Via the New Republic.

[Photo of Flatirons at Longmont by Hodja via Flickr.]

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