Chasing light: Photographic Zen?

Colorado Sunrise
For light-chasers, the ultimate moment comes when you can actually see the light as perceptible rays bending through layers of the atmosphere. This sunrise was photographed April 2012 from Lake Hill, near Frisco, Colorado, looking east toward the Continental Divide. The prominent peaks are Grays and Torreys, both 14ers, and Grizzly, close to Arapahoe Basin Ski Area.

Welcome to the world of light-chasing, where you’ll be able to escape to the high country a few times each week with a short photo essay, usually with a natural history or environmental twist. At its core, photography is all about balance, whether it’s balancing the light and the dark, or balancing elements in the photo for composition. Along with stimulating a sense of place or triggering an emotional response, a well-balanced photograph can also evoke Zen, just like a carefully tended sand garden. The process of making those images is part of my path to inner peace.

He writes about energy and the environment while wandering the Colorado Rockies. He's instagram crazy, a digital-era mountain sickness. | @bberwyn | Instagram