Coffman-Romanoff congressional race takes shape in first two debates

In their second debate in two days, Sixth District Congressman Mike Coffman, who is seeking reelection, squared off with challenger Andrew Romanoff, former state Speaker of the House. The event was hosted by the Aurora Chamber of Congress and featured questions on topics that have dominated the headlines in Aurora in recent years. Aurora is the ethnically diverse city that’s home to Buckley Air Force Base and the site of the tragic 2012 mass shooting at a movie theater. Topics included immigration reform, base closing-job losses and gun control.

The Sixth District is one of the most competitive in the country and, by all accounts, the election is likely to be decided by the a very thin margin. There are several news media-hosted debates scheduled between the two candidates in the weeks ahead.

What has become clear from the debates already held is that both men are fighting to woo the district’s one-third unaffiliated, more-moderate, less-partisan voters, that Romanoff is a natural debater running on an end to gridlock and that Coffman is working to firm up his working-class and military connections to his constituents.

The Independent will post a full story on the debates on Monday.