Wiretap: On Ferguson, where are the rest of the Democrats?

Photo by Alex Wroblewski via FB https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=265866210278799&set=pcb.265867513612002&type=1&theater

We understood the difficulties Barack Obama faced in addressing race and police in Ferguson, Mo., and how he had to tread carefully. But where are the rest of the Democrats? Josh Barro asks in the New York Times why we’ve seen so few Democrats taking up the call of racial injustice or police abuse. Does it go back to the Willie Hortoning of Michael Dukakis? Is it simply a matter of politicians reading the polls – to see how differently blacks and whites view what has happened on the streets of Ferguson? Will black voters make Democrats pay any kind of price?

The fine line Eric Holder walks in his journey to Ferguson. Via the National Journal.

The men who killed James Foley. Via the New Yorker.

Obama made his impassioned speech on the cruel death of James Foley, and then headed out to resume his vacation. Healthy compartmentalization? Or a bad case of tone-deafness? The New York Daily news ran a front page picture of Obama in a golf cart next to one of Foley’s mother and father under the headline, “Prez tees off as Foley’s parents grieve.” Via the New York Times.

The twilight of Antonin Scalia and how his 2012 dissent on same-sex marriage could be his most influential decision — but hardly in the way he meant it to be. On the Roberts court, John Roberts had replaced Scalia as the most important voice on the right. Via the Atlantic.

Petula Dvorak on former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s decision to make his public corruption trial about his “nutbag” wife. Via the Washington Post.

Saving Horatio Alger: What we can to address equality, opportunity and the American Dream. Via Brookings.

In Colorado, the state is buying two fire-spotting planes as part of a new strategy to combat wildfires. The planes can pinpoint the exact location of fires more quickly, boosting response time and containing fires sooner. Colorado will be the first state to use fire-spotting planes. Via the Durango Herald.

Where is she now? Recalled State Sen. Angela Giron was just selected to serve on the The Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation board of trustees. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

Tell all of your friends in Boulder who drive Subarus adorned with “buy local” bumper stickers: A new, Colorado specific currency will start circulating today. COjacks, as they’re called, are designed to encourage supporting local businesses instead of big box retailers. Via Westword.

[Photo of Ferguson on Aug. 20 by Alex Wroblewski via Facebook]

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