More Klingenschmitt (because we know the people demand it)

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Gordon Klingenschmitt’s Democratic opponent in the House District 15 race, Lois Fornander, is demanding Klingenschmitt withdraw after his “homophobic attack on Congressman Jared Polis.”

Klingenshchmitt is infamous for saying strange things in his run for the statehouse, but saying that Polis, who introduced a bill in Congress adding employment protection for sexual orientation, would join ISIS in beheading Christians was a little bit further out there, even for him.

Klingenschmitt issued a video apology, saying that it was just “hyperbole” and that Democrats had no sense of humor.

Fornander, who may or may not have been laughing at the time, replied in an e-mail to the Gazette, “Such a statement is far beyond ‘hyperbole,’ it is inflammatory, irresponsible and repulsive,” Fornander said. “Klingenschmitt’s attempt to pass off this reference to an ISIS beheading as an attempt at humor is not only disingenuous, it’s perverse.”

With a large Republican majority in House District 15, Klingenschmitt remains the favorite in the race.

[Screenshot from Klingenschmitt video.]

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  1. Sounds like Lois is scared she’s going to lose, it’s the only reason to demand Gordon withdraw from the race and apparently, since I’m the only commenter here, your readers aren’t demanding all that much about this issue.

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