Hick pulls trick shot

He’s at it again — Governor John Hickenlooper has a particular talent for goofy, memorable campaign videos (like this one oft-credited with distinguishing him from the pack back when he first ran for mayor of Denver). The latest is both a spin-off of a clever Republican Governor’s Association attack ad and a mildly self deprecating spin on Hick’s increasingly famous conciliatory/ indecisive policy maneuvering.

[youtube id=”v3OiOMyhmX4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

In “Cues,” Hickenlooper is careful to point out the challenges he faced in his first term as Governor —  a recovering economy, natural disasters and political rifts. Each obstacle is set out as a pool ball. After extolling the virtues of “bringing people together” while cartoonishly over-preparing for his shot, Hick pockets the lot.

The kicker? The whole ad plays into a larger “not-negative” attack Hickenlooper also runs with a focus on raising money as the guy who keeps elections clean. In this case, the ad ends with Hick referencing the title: “Coloradans know better than to take their cues from attack ads.”

Notably missing from this trick shot? The game that started it all between Hick and currently approval-hurting President Obama. Obama won $20.

[Still from Cues]