DA, Team Udall critique Gardner’s hardline anti-abortion record


In the wake of the Cory Gardner campaign’s efforts to shift the break-neck Colorado Senate race conversation away from Gardner’s confusing support of personhood and towards his initiative to make the birth control pill available over the counter, incumbent Senator Mark Udall’s campaign has rallied a District Attorney to harken back to Gardner’s previous support for a hard-line anti-abortion measure.

The Udall campaign cites District Attorney Bruce Brown, who represents Colorado’s 5th Judicial District, saying that if a Gardner-sponsored 2007 bill had passed, “a doctor providing abortion services to a rape victim could receive a lengthier prison sentence than the rapist himself.” 

Brown goes on to note that Gardner’s bill would have made providing an abortion a class three felony punishable by up to 12 years in prison — rendering the crime of providing abortion services equal to some second-degree murders.

Fox reporter Eli Stokols broke the news and managed to reach the Gardner campaign for comment.

Spokesman Alex Siciliano called the Udall/ Brown attack “slanderous” but didn’t get into specifics or clarify Gardner’s current stance regarding the bill.

[Image by Elvert Barnes]