Republican Governors Association calls Hick “coward” on death penalty

The Republican Governors Association is out with a new ad this week slamming Hickenlooper on his decision to infinitely delay the execution of convicted murderer Nathan Dunlap. The RGA highlights the decision by quoting a victim’s father, who calls the move cowardly.

[youtube id=”MQSIa3qyyNk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Hickenlooper officially come out in opposition to the death penalty this summer, saying that concerns about its cost and efficacy changed his mind about the policy.

The RGA has taken a major interest in the race between the incumbent Democratic Governor and his opponent, former Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez, having already raised $5 million and spent $2.9 million on the race. Last month RGA chairman Chris Christie was in town stumping for Beauprez and the group also produced an ad criticizing Hickenlooper’s leadership and featuring a now-famous game of pool between Hickenlooper and President Obama.

[Picture of Hickenlooper by Jason Karsh]


  1. Republican governors have this thing about murdering their citizens. THEY LOVE IT! Rick Perry has killed more people than any governor in modern times, even out doing W’s murderous record. And I’m sorry, but you will NEVER convince me that ALL those people were guilty.

    Republicans don’t think about possible issues with the death penalty, things like dong it RIGHT, not stabbing someone 13 times with the needle, or even making sure that they have drugs that can do the freaking job. These are the WORST people in our society, quite honestly. NOT those who they sentence to death.

    What is society’s NEED to murder anyone? We have prisons, we can keep the worst of us there, rather than those caught with too much weed. Society is SUPPOSED to be better than it’s lowest acting members, not being just as low as they are. And this republican group of governors is defending the WORST sorts of behavior we engage in. There is NO NEED to murder. And that is ALL these governors are standing up for, murder. It’s NOT justice, it’s revenge. And we should be better than that.

    And ask the governor for OK just how well HER last execution went. Is she PROUD of that debacle? If so, then why has she stopped executions until some kind of situation can be worked out that ensures that doesn’t happen again?

    Society needs to start at least TRYING to be better than it’s worst members. And that means thinking HIGHER thoughts than republicans and their revenge at all costs approach to EVERYTHING.

    I’m sick of republicans. Can we PLEASE start putting HUMANS in office again?

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