Wiretap: Jacksonian hellhound on ISIS trail

Photo by David of "Battle of New Orleans" by Ethel Magafan https://www.flickr.com/photos/bootbearwdc/104149387/in/photolist-acMZ6-8V3iAp-9Dwz8-8V6qaU-acNsF-8V5U2f-8V2Sw8-8V6kaf-6ZwiAA-6ZwpY9-6ZshzF-6ZwrUm-6Zsr3r-6ZwpFU-6ZspND-8V3gUM-6ZwoKS-8V32BB-6ZPRGu-8V5Htw-8V35LR-8V6cXh-8V3hGp-8V6f2C-6Zwp1C-8V5ZZY-aagTHx-8V2EcK-8V3kg6-8V3jd4-8V5QQU-8V5RTd-8V34GP-8V6j7u-8V31ye-8V37Qv-8V6aVh-8V3dRM-6Zsq7D-6ZsnLe-6Zny4t-otP2Z5-ietpvH-8V5PLN-Jzmu6-4TNp7J-54g2mZ-85DAyA-81Lz3c-81PHWb

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]OE Biden is the one who said it – pursuing ISIS “to the gates of hell.” Peter Beinart writes in the Atlantic how the beheading of two American journalists has transformed American foreign policy. He explains that we have reacted swiftly to the horror by moving to “Jacksonianism.” He writes: “It refers to the peculiar combination of jingoism and isolationism forged on the American frontier. Bill O’Reilly is a Jacksonian. Jacksonians don’t want to fashion other countries in America’s image. They don’t care about fattening corporate bottom lines. But if you mess with them—violate their honor—they’ll pursue you to the gates of hell.”

The Obamacare lawsuit — the one that could basically wreck the law by ending millions of subsidies – just suffered a major setback. The full panel of judges in the D.C. Circuit may rehear the case. Via the New Republic.

Juror on the McDonnell verdict: “It was a tough decision, but it was not a hard decision.” Via the Washington Post.

Could deep red Kansas actually go blue and save the Senate for Harry Reid? Suddenly it’s possible. Via the National Journal.

Could the Tea Party derail Rick Perry? Oops, it’s possible. According to the Daily Beat, the national grassroots coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots says that Perry must be an “imbecile.”

If you need a Koch Brothers fix, the Fix is there for you, with nifty graphs. So far, groups tied to the Koch Brothers have funded nearly 44,000 campaign ads. Happy now? Via the Washington Post.

Joan Rivers knew that life was mean, and that’s what she found so funny about it. Via the New Yorker.

About time! Almost 800,000 mustard gas shells from a Cold War-era stockpile in the Pueblo Chemical Depot will finally be destroyed… Next year. Via the Gazette.

Disgruntled residents packed the Pueblo County Courthouse yesterday to protest a 4 percent rate increase by Black Hills Energy. Pueblo fire officials intervened to shepherd some of the crowd out of the chamber. That’s about as dramatic as these types of things get. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

[Photo by David, cropped for detail, of “Battle of New Orleans” by Ethel Magafan via Flickr/Creative Commons.]

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