Wiretap: Neocons and liberal hawks who cried wolf

From Internet Archives, "The book of 'Fables, chiefly from Aesop,' 1882." https://www.flickr.com/photos/internetarchivebookimages/14759998916/in/photolist-aR5ggg-aR5h76-afh5MX-6NKBkx-bKasFr-9e9Rsh-apKYx5-5Msngx-oBQ14C-7ScLXL-5TkuRs-93nMtN-ivP7mg-7JcSmt-fNjDCb-6NPLk5-6NKB1n-6NPLHJ-6NKAsB-6NPMp9-6NPLcu-6NKAMV-6NKBrt-6NPMhU-6NPLyy-6NKA7z-6NPLuq-6NKASX-6NKAer-5h8CMj-4ZLr7T-d8UWQd-bwfKp3-bwfJYm-8fwvFX-oeBySt-ouhRrW-of15bL-oePgLv-oeABEy-oeCbFc-owjetB-89qLSw-6UktWJ-4Fpxmt-88syAf-4sUHgC-cfJnw1-oyfJsn-57Nt7X

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]HAT should we do about the threat of ISIS? There’s a good reason why most Americans are hesitant to do too much. As W. James Antlee III writes in The Week, neocons and liberal hawks have a boy who cried wolf problem. The wolf may finally be here, but Americans are sick of hearing about it.

David Remnick writes in the New Yorker that Americans wonder: Why can’t Obama fix the world?

Obama does have a strategy for ISIS, according to Doyle McManus in the Los Angeles Times. It’s a coalition of frenemies.

The demise of Obamacare as a Republican issue is greatly exaggerated. Via the Washington Examiner.

Republicans keep trying to destroy Obamacare – and they keep losing. Via the Guardian.

Krugman has advice for the Scots seeking independence from the United Kingdom. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Did banning steroids ruin baseball? Or is it technology? Derek Thompson blames the new strike zone and the cameras that made it all possible. Via the Atlantic.

NORAD workers and troops at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs did all they could to rouse the unconscious pilot of a small plane that took off from Rochester, New York, with a full fuel tank last Friday, but to no avail: the plane ended up crashing off of the Jamaican coast. Via the Gazette.

Crested Butte was transformed into Whatever, USA this weekend as part of an Anheuser-Busch marketing campaign. The streets were painted blue, 500 party-goers were flown in, rapper Lil Jon performed and not all residents of the tiny ski town were stoked about it. Via Outside Online.

[Image of the boy who cried wolf from “The book of fables, chiefly from Aesop, 1882,” via Flickr.]

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