Denver Post guv poll: Beauprez, Hickenlooper race a tossup

Bob Beauprez is running just about even with John Hickenlooper in the Colorado governor’s race, according to the latest Denver Post poll. The margin of error is 3.9 percent, and Hick leads, 45-43, which translates in poll-world to a tossup.

So far, the race has pretty much been a referendum on Hickenlooper as governor. According to the poll, his favorables are running 45-46 against, which comes in pretty close to the Hick-Beauprez numbers.

Hickenlooper has just gone up with his first campaign ad – one that shows him in a brewpub doing his restaurateur thing. Interestingly, Republicans are running an ad poking fun at Hickenlooper’s quirky ads. If it comes down to a referendum on Hickenlooper ads, that may be the best chance for Hick to keep his day job.